January 2015 Update

Hello, all!

It’s 2015. The holidays, New Year’s day, and Ludfesto have all come and gone. I got wrapped up in holiday and job-search business (busy-ness), so I didn’t end up finishing my entry for Ludfesto. This is very unfortunate, but I did end up learning a lot, and ended up practicing a lot of Python and Esperanto in the process, so it wasn’t all for naught. I also learned a bit about Twine (www.twinery.org) and RenPy (www.renpy.org), tools that I may use in the future.

I’m trying to get some ideas of things to post so that I can really build up this blog, and I’m hoping to start posting regularly soon. In the meantime, here’s a list of exciting things that have come to my attention recently.

YouTube has announced that it will be defaulting to HTML5 when possible. This is exciting as it shows both technical advancement, and the advancement of free-er software in a major space. It’s not completely implemented for stable versions of Firefox, as I still have to manualyl choose HTML5 playback over Flash, but it seems that at least the intention is there.

LibrePlanet is officially happening on March 21-22 at the Stata Center at MIT. The first volunteer training meeting is this coming Monday, and I’m looking forward to helping out again this year.

The FSF has been implementing some other marketing/visibility moves recently as well! The “What is Free Software” page now has an embedded version of RMS’s Tedx talk, which I think is a very effective way to introduce Free Software. Additionally, there is a new campaign with FSF/GNU buttons for blogs, webpages, and social media profiles. I’ve added one to my site. I think that they are well designed, and they link directly to that “What is Free Software?” page of the FSF’s website. Very cool.

In more local news, New England has been getting a lot of snow! I spent the day of the actual storm (Winter Storm Juno) stuck inside working on job applications and researching grad programs. I would probably have spent the entire day inside even if there were not snow, but having the option to leave taken away from me made it seem a lot more prison-like, and I was pretty stir-crazy before noon-time. The next day, I took a walk around Cambridge just to get out of the house. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Cambridge’s maintenance of the roads and sidewalks after the blizzard. There are many places (like Harvard Square) that have cobblestone, so the cleanup is tough and the roads are slushy, but overall, the sidewalks have been surprisingly clear.

I may start making news-ish roundup posts to supplement more project-oriented posts just so that I keep myself writing. Hopefully now that the holidays are over (and have been for a while), I will have the time and motivation to work on more projects, and to keep my blog updated with news about them.


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