This is SWHallee’s résumé, current as of February 2015.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bachelor’s of Science in Linguistics and Philosophy, 2014


Senior Research Project

Spring 2014

  • Conducted original research on speech misperception in presence of acoustic noise
  • Designed experiment based on thorough background research
  • Recruited participants and collected data with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform
  • Analyzed results for research paper and presentation using Python and R

Researcher at the Wexler ab/Normal Language Lab

Summer 2012

  • Conducted language acquisition and development studies with children aged 3-7yrs
  • Recruited participants at schools and museums
  • Explained the lab’s technical research to school teachers and parents in lay terms

Resident Advisor for the MIT Housing Department

Summer 2012

  • Collaborated with other RA’s to schedule social events and support residents
  • Liaised between Students, Housing Department, and support services

Field Methods in Linguistics Lab Class

Spring 2012

  • Explored the syntax of an unfamiliar language with the help of a native speaker
  • Transcribed sentences and stories using IPA, both live and recorded
  • Learned and implemented techniques to ask pointed questions with precise answers
  • Compiled findings of causative verb syntax in Zazaki into a paper and presentation

Judicial Chair and Representative to New House Executive Board


  • Settled conflicts between individual living communities
  • Represented my living community in bi-weekly, building-wide meetings

Researcher at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Summers 2010 and 2011

  • Conducted fMRI experiments in executive control and social cognition in humans
  • Explained details of neuroscience experiments to lay participants
  • Coded Python, MATLAB, and Shell scripts for behavioral & neuroimaging data analysis


  • Basic knowledge of Python, R, MATLAB and Shell Scripting
  • Experienced with MS Office, LibreOffice, MS Windows, GNU/Linux
  • Trained in collection and analysis of behavioral, neural, numerical, and linguistic data
  • Quick to learn new technology, analytical tools, and research methods
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Experienced leading groups and working in teams of various sizes
  • Native speaker of English and conversationally fluent in French and Esperanto